I spent several years as a paratrooper with the 82nd airborne division at Fort brag, North Carolina. When I got out, I went to college and earned my degree in math and computer science.

I worked at an old drill bit factory in Maxton, North Carolina. While there, the plant manager said that we were all going to take a fractions test. If we didn’t take the test or we failed the test, we would be fired. The end result was that half the new hires did not show up for work the next day and the ones that came in? Half of those passed the fractions test.

After that, I taught high school for several years. When I first started teaching, I was surprised at how few people were proficient in math in high school. Some students did not even know their times tables or fractions. This was high school. This seems to be going around all the schools. So if you're having math problems, don't feel bad. It's everywhere.

Little story, when I first took my first math courses in college, I was first introduced to calculus. I knew absolutely nothing about calculus. I've never even heard of calculus. I thought calculus was a class where they taught you how to operate a calculator. LOL

My point is, if I can do the math, then you can do the math. When you learn the steps, and you practice, you can do it. Most importantly, you have to practice. You have to practice. And did I mention that you have to practice? I say it that way because it is very important. Your brain is not unlike your muscles. By that, I mean you must excercise your brain to keep it fit. There's no other way to learn math than to actually do it just like there is no way to excercise your muscles but actually use your muscles. Before you know it, it'll come natural and easy.


Take a step by step approach

If you're feeling lost in class, stop worrying and take action. When you're taught every step and you learn how each step builds on the other, you won't be scratching your head anymore. It will come natural and automatic.

Realize your own potential

It's better to learn it than to memorize it. Memorizing will only get you so far. When you learn the how and the why, You can solve the problems on your own.

Math is fun. Really!

Math doesn't have to be scary or stressful. You'll enjoy your classes when you're able to piece all of the concepts together and apply them yourself.


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